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Tracking With Third-Party Android Apps

GPS Does It All This handy, easy-to-use app leverages the latest GPS technology to help you find any lost or stolen device. Read more. Collapse. Are you in search of the best GPS phone tracker apps for Android and iPhone? Here we have mentioned the top GPS location tracker for Android and iPhone.

You are curious what this app is about? It has been created to make people track their family every day, every hour and most importantly on real time.

Choose The Best Cell Phone Tracker

With the help of this app you can not only track and android phone, but you can track your kids, best friends, mother and everyone else. GPS software for android has been created in the most comfortable way to all consumers, that the use of this app would become very easy and convenient.

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Do not waste your time by searching your lost phone, looking for your kids or not answering employees in the ordinary way. Just get an tracking app for Android and make sure that things and people, who belong to you is safe.

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I agree to the Privacy Policy and understand I will receive emails related to tracking business. Sorry, you must agree to the above statement. Live Demo Choose Software. On request. For personal or company use.

Track from 1 to 50 objects. Additionally, most apps have limited features that do not reflect the options available on dedicated tracking devices. At BrickHouse Security, we have considered the value of GPS tracking apps and have chosen to steer away from that market as dedicated GPS trackers have proven to be much more effective, overall.


GPS trackers , on the other hand, are specifically designed for the purpose of providing real-time tracking information, and as such, boast a number of exceptional benefits that users cannot find from cell phone-based apps. These devices have hardware and software optimized for GPS tracking and reporting, making them highly accurate and functional.

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Many customers have reported benefits which include:. The assortment of GPS tracking tools available on the market is as varied as the needs users may have for them. Whether you are tracking a vehicle, person, or asset for personal or business reasons, there is a GPS tool for your purpose. GPS apps for smartphones are convenient and affordable, and many users are pleased with the social components and their ability to share location details with other users.

For more serious applications, however, users are likely to want to utilize dedicated GPS trackers. Specifically designed with tracking in mind, these devices cut out many of the social functions that bog down tracking apps, making them better suited to meet your needs.

7 of the Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps

And, with a wide variety of form factors to choose from, there is a device designed to meet any tracking need a user may have. Tracking People Using GPS Trackers There are a number of applications when it comes to tracking the movements of other people, including parental tracking of children and teens in order to ensure their safety.

Tracking Assets Via GPS Asset tracking is another common use for GPS trackers, especially among business users and those who wish to keep an eye on personal property and valuables that are in storage or being transported from one location to another. According to the reviews of these popular apps, some of these are: Phones were not designed to run GPS continually, so it will drain the battery much faster than a normal phone on standby waiting for a call Apps are often limited to one specific functionality rather than offering a range of tracking features Background apps commonly slow down or shut off the GPS app Customer service is poor in comparison to the service provided by companies that offer dedicated GPS tracking devices Apps are often unreliable since cell phones are not designed to be tracking devices GPS apps rely heavily on cell phone signals rather than actual GPS satellites, making location positioning much less accurate App drains phone battery too quickly Data service is required Covert tracking is often faulty as most apps are designed to work both ways and require user permissions to function properly.

A Case for Dedicated GPS Trackers GPS trackers , on the other hand, are specifically designed for the purpose of providing real-time tracking information, and as such, boast a number of exceptional benefits that users cannot find from cell phone-based apps. Many customers have reported benefits which include: Interruptions are not as likely since GPS trackers are not being used for external communication and do not have social connections Many dedicated GPS trackers utilize mobile apps to support their functions, giving users the convenience of remote tracking without complete reliance on a cell phone Longer battery lives because GPS trackers do not have background functions running which may consume battery, and they often feature standby modes when not in use Dedicated customer service and support Cell phone service is not required to obtain location data as GPS trackers utilize global positioning satellites, pinpointing locations with exceptional accuracy, to within 15 ft.

Dedicated trackers come in a variety of form factors, depending on the application The assortment of GPS tracking tools available on the market is as varied as the needs users may have for them.

Popular Uses for GPS Trackers

Compare up to 4 items:. Being able to see whether your teen driver is operating the family vehicle safely, giving you the ability to use the information you gather as a learning tool.

Appearance of independence for children, elderly, and employees, while also providing peace-of-mind for you. Associated costs may vary depending on the device chosen: GPS trackers often have monthly costs, and cell phones utilize cell and data services, making them more costly for prolonged use. Depending on your use, ethical questions of how much information you really need about someone may arise.

Tracking of employee movements on the clock to help business owners and managers ensure efficient use of time and resources.